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Item Listado en: Electrónica y Video - Peru.


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Tipo de artículo:NUEVO
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Oferta inicial:550 Dólares
Cantidad de Visitas:14957
Numero de ofertas: 0
Tiempo restante: Remate Cerrado
Inicio:05-May-2008 01:04:18
Final:02-Jun-2008 01:04:18
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Status del remate:Cerrado
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Registrado desde July 2006 en Lima
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Sistema de Multiple Woofers de altavoces


Reproducción de discos CD-R/CD-RW y MP3

Nuevo Sistema de 4 Altavoces con función "X-Round" para sonido envolvente

4 Altavoces con diferentes opciones de disposición

4 Altavoces con Woofer de 22cm y Tweeter de 5cm

MP3 Booster para un sonido superior en formato MP3

"X-Groove" para refuerzo de bajos

Funciones: CD, Radio, Casete, Juegos, Video (MD)

Entrada de audio x 3, Video x 1 , Micrófono x 2

Salida análoga x 1, digital x 1, Salida de video x 1, Auriculares x 1 (3.5mm).

Ecualizador de 3 bandas

Sintonizador con memoria para 30 emisoras (20FM/10AM)

Mezcla de audio para Video-Juegos

Casetera doble con auto reversa

Control Remoto Incluido

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Pregunta de captscottduke (0) :
I would like to apply through this medium for your co-operation I know my mail to you should be surprising but it's not a mistake because I believe that I could confide in you on this business deal which would be highly beneficial to both of us, if you would not disappoint me at the conclusion of this deal. The main reason why I am contacting you today is to seek your assistance but firstly let me introduce myself before proceeding. I am Captain Duke Scott, a US MARINE OFFICER presently working in Iraq. On 24Th Nov 2007 my troops and I were alerted on the need of some reconstruction works in Haifa Street, a long thoroughfare of high-rise buildings Built and occupied by Saddam Hussein when he was alive here in Baghdad. Immediately we proceeded to the site and as we commence work, we discovered an underground bunker in one of the buildings. On the process of our investigation to the links of the bunkers, we discovered two boxes safely hidden and sealed. I took the boxes to my camp and forced it open to find out the contents, when I opened the Box I was very astonished to see a full load of American Dollars. The same night I took my time to count the amount, the box contained $24 Million us dollars. Honestly, nobody knows about this till now. I have airlift the Consignment boxes out of Iraq since last month through the help of a Senior United Nation Diplomat in Europe. Presently my duty post has been changed from Hafiz to Muqtada al-Sadr. Actually I did not disclose the contents of the consignment Box to the Diplomat. I told the Diplomat that the Consignment metallic Boxes Contents some important documented files on the Iraq war, I told him that he should airlift it out of Iraq for me since I am still on duty here and I made him to understand that I will send a friend to contact him for the collection of the boxes. Since I am still on my duty here in Iraq, I can't leave my duty to travel at the moment, so I need your cooperation in other to receive the consignment boxes from the diplomat on my behalf. Please I want you to provide me with your postal address, telephone E-mail, full name in your reply. If you are going to be honest with me then we can split the total sum into two, 50% for both of us. You may be aware that Gen. David Petraeus, the four-star general who led our troops in Iraq for the past years, has be nominated by President Bush to be the next commander of U.S. Central Command for the purpose of troops cut here in Iraq, so we will soon be back home. Please do not disclose this transaction to anybody as to protect this money between us, I contacted you with hope that you will understand and cooperate with me in this transaction. My new duty post in Muqtada al-Sadr is Baghdad stronghold of Iraq's biggest Shiite militia; it is a hot Zone 24hrs as you can see on television and news. I am happy that the consignment is secured out of Iraq by United Nation Diplomat sealed and lock with a code, the code of the boxes are with me, I will give you the code to open the consignment boxes when the diplomat deliver the consignment to you. Please Remember that the UK Senior Diplomat that helped me to airlift this box does not know the real contents of the box is cash. I will give you the contact email and telephone number of the diplomat to contact him as my friend that I told will come for the claim of the box as soon as you prove your honest cooperation with me. I wait for your urgent reply. Email me to my private email address Best Regards Captain Duke Scott.
I send you all information. I hope that you receive this. Regards
Pregunta de captscottduke (0) :
hello how are you please i have not hear from you regards to my proposal tell me if you are capable to help or you have some one trustworthy email me at
Is possible for you, to send the boxes to my Country?. I live in Peru, South America.
Pregunta de captscottduke (0) :
every thing is possible that is why i can that you so tha you will make the collaction for in there from the diplomat that will bring it to you there in your country, please i have ask you to always write me to my private box
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