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   Welcome to the best nourishment of health of the 21st century..

We live in a prodigious corner of the planet called PERU. Touched by the GOD'S hand wonderful center of natural wealth that has been lived, during milleniums by tenacious peoples that with intelligence and effort, discovered the secrets of the land and acomularon an enormous wisdom on since taking advantage of the food, fruits, plants(floors), that the strong, healthy and strong matuvieron è intelligent. This one is our great legacy for the world.

Happily the Humanity turns the look towards the natural thing. For this reason the PERU faces a new challenge: to provide to the entire world all our varied wealth of functional food, organic products and you plant, that for the centuries were utlizados for our ancestors as source of life and health.

 SANTA  NATURE is located to the forefront of this process and smart for the traditional wisdom of his  people, rescuing her and giving him the place that deserves. For it from 1996 we have developed an agroindustry that produces the best functional food with organic certification and the better thing of everything offers them to a just price to the public.

SANTA  NATURE deposits to the market of the NetWork for thousands of persons the opportunity to be direct distributors with an opportunity expectacular

I invite them to consume our natural beauty for all your family

Washington A. Marroquin
Psychologist in medicine of the stress and
natural medicine and tracidional



SANTA NATURA was established in 1996 with the idea to offer the best quality extracts/functional foods that traditionally have made a difference in people's lives. Many of the benefits that these plant extracts hold were uncovered during the time of the Incas. SANTA NATURA'S goal has been to reintroduce these long standing remedies into main stream society.

SANTA NATURA was founded in 1996 with a focus on producing the purest, all natural, and organic extracts. The key benefit these extracts offer is in improving the quality of life for people dealing with the many common maladies that exist today. Ultimately, these extracts have been traditionally used to assist people in achieving their natural state of well- being.

In addition to SANTA NATURA’s core business of extracts/food supplements, SANTA NATURA has expanded it’s offering with a full line of Beauty & Bath and Spa products. Today, we offer a complete spectrum of 250 natural and organic products.

Headquartered in Lima, Peru, SANTA NATURA is ideally located in a country with one of the most diverse geographical landscapes on earth. With over 80 different climates, Peru boosts one of the greatest varieties of plants known on earth. It has been calculated, to date, that there are over 25,000 species of known plants in Peru. Out of those 25,000 species, 728 provide nutritional value and 1,400 medicinal value! Plants in Peru have been used since the time of the Incas in assisting people maintain a happy and healthy well-being.
Since 2000, SANTA NATURA has been exporting products to Asia and Europe. In addition, it has become one of the top known brands in all of South America.



To spread the knowledge and wisdom of what all natural and organic products can potentially offer towards better health and general well being.

SANTA NATURA, pooling knowledge from ancient Peruvian traditions and sources, has put functional foods and extracts within the reach of people who wish to live better based on traditional remedies. Combining this ancient wisdom with the knowledge of today, SANTA NATURA is able to produce functional foods that not only nourish but help to maintain a healthy well being.

Continually legitimizing the validity of medicinal plants and functional foods in today's modern societies, along with the potential they can offer are our greatest and most important focus.


Today, SANTA NATURA has one of the most complete all natural and organic offerings with over 250 products - ranging from health care to beauty and bath. Our belief is to take care of the body both from the inside and the outside.

By stepping up to the needs of today's fast paced life, SANTA NATURA is betting on traditional organic methods as the "new" answer to a more healthy life. Based on the ancestral wisdom of the ancient Peruvians, SANTA NATURA has reintroduced medicinal plants into mainstream society.

Today, SANTA NATURA has a global reach that extends into Europe and Asia. With over 300 products covering medicinal extracts to Spa products. SANTA NATURA has created and produces a complete spectrum of products promoting health and vitality from the inside as well as the outside.

Organic Plant Extracts

Peru is a country with one of the greatest varieties of medicinal plants in the world. We have plants that have been traditionally used by Peruvians to either correct or minimize the effects of the most common maladies known.

Spa Products

coming soon...

Products for people who wish to live better and achieve an optimal state of health; allowing natural and organic products to help them get back in balance.

Natural Bath & Body

coming soon...

SANTA NATURA offers a personal hygiene and cosmetics line composed of products to take care of and nourish the body.

I invite them to consume our natural beauty for all your family


Psychologist in medicine of the stress and
natural medicine and tracidional


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